Then - Now - Forever !

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The Original Breakaway Band - John Mc Kenny - Barney Green - & Francie Murdock

Morning Sun & Memories
John Franice & Barney where together for more than 20 years and backed many great country artists and signers , they where extremely busy on the wedding scene and played all over the country. It is a great privilege to me that i get to keep the great name of Breakaway going and is a honer to myself and Marty and hopefully we can live up to what these guys where and what they done.
In my eyes they where the best and i am truly blessed to call them all my friends. John will be 10 years dead this Aug 1st 2022 and it has just passed so quick not a day goes back that i don think of him so i couldn't think of a nicer way to commemorate his 10th anniversary than to bring back the band that he loved an hope we make them all proud .